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Because we know you've got some questions...

Q: Is concrete brittle? Will it chip or crack?


A: Concrete itself is very durable and common household use should not cause cracks or chips. Corners are vulnerable to hard impacts with blunt objects.


Q: Does concrete scratch?


A: Our concrete is very durable, but protected by a sealer that can be scratched. We always recommend using care and avoid dragging sharp objects across the surface as well as avoiding harsh abrasives when cleaning.


Q: How much maintenance will our concrete surfaces require?


A: Minimal. We recommend to use light solvents (mild soap and water) and clean cloth when wiping the surfaces and cleaning. Avoid using harsh abrasives or cleaning chemicals that could wear down the sealer. There is no scheduled maintenance or periodic upkeep required, such as waxes or polishes.


Q: Will our concrete stain easily?


A: No, not easily. The combination of our curing, processing, and sealing process makes the surface of our concrete very stain resistant. We will never say that our surfaces are “bulletproof”, but they are durable. We recommend wiping up any spills like acids or oils quickly (within a few hours) to prevent hazing and staining. If you take care of it, stains are completely avoidable.


Q: Do I have to worry about putting hot objects on concrete?


A: Heat can affect the durability of the sealer. If the sealer is compromised, the concrete will be vulnerable to staining. As a rule of thumb, if the object is too hot to touch without getting burned, we recommend also protecting the concrete surface.


Q: Isn’t Concrete Heavy? Will you have to worry about the excessive weight on your cabinets?


A: No. Standard cabinetry will have no issue supporting our concrete features as they are manufactured to be manageable. You can estimate the weight of our features at about 8lbs per square foot of surface area.


Q: Are concrete surfaces sanitary?


A: Yes. Our surfaces are sealed with sealer that has been approved for food use and are easily cleaned to prevent bacteria.


Q: How much does custom artisan concrete cost?


A: Every project is different. Our pricing typically starts at $185 per sq/ft and varies with complexity and size. Our pieces are handmade and mistakenly, some believe that artisan concrete surfaces should be cheap because concrete itself is inexpensive – it’s just a bag of concrete, right? Not quite, this is a refined craft and the material cost has very little to do with the cost and quality of the finished product. 


Q: What colors are available for concrete?


A: Virtually any color! There are infinite color possibilities including every color on the spectrum. In fact, we can color match any Benjamin Moore color swatch. All you need to do is provide us with their color code. Though the color itself is matched, there is naturally going to be variances throughout the surface as an inherent characteristic of concrete.


Q: How much color variation can occur throughout a surface?


A: Concrete is not a homogeneous, uniform material. Just like natural wood or stone, the finished concrete’s appearance can have aesthetic variations of shade, color, and pattern. Variation, especially color and visual texture, almost always occur to some degree or another, but we feel this is what enhances its natural beauty and are considered acceptable in our trade. Typically, darker colored concrete will show more variance in shades throughout while lighter shades will have minimal shade variance.


Q: How can I begin the process of building or designing your own custom concrete feature?


A: You can contact us by phone 774-212-1015 or by e-mail to: . We can work directly with you, your designer, or your contractor on design and logistics.

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